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RE: Palo Alto 98

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Subject: RE: Palo Alto 98
From: Andrew Griffith <Andrew.Griffith@ReadRite.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 12:31:33 -0700
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Larry, Sandi & List,

The Midget you referred to, photos 1 & 2, has a Toyota 2TG engine. You're
write, it's a twin cam and twin carb, Mikuni side draft carbs. It's a
factory engine, not sold in the US, that puts out about 120 HP.

I have a very similar setup... a '62 Sprite with a Toyota 18RG @ 130 HP. 
Having lots of fun...


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        Subject:        Palo Alto 98

        Big show car wise. Not many vendors or parts. Everything from Roll's
to Land
        Rovers. About 700 cars altogether. Not as many Spridgets as I had
hoped. For
        those that are interested I have posted a picture of every Spridget
        attendance on my web page under "Palo Alto 98".

        Pictures #1 and #2 are a beautiful Midget with what looks to be an
        cam or maybe a twin cam engine. Never found the owner to find out
        what it was.

        Pictures #10, 11, and 12 are of the best looking Bugeye in
        Gorgeous car.

        The only list member I saw was Rick Walters with Puddles (center car
        Picture #5). Fred Klampits was a no show (at least I could not find
        car). I hope it was not because of car trouble.

        Picture #14 is an Italian Sprite. I'm afraid I stuck my foot in my
mouth on
        this one. Jokingly I said "What a waste of Bugeye's" and found out
        that I was speaking to the owner. If you are on the Spridget list
just let
        me say I was joking.

        Larry Miller (bugiiis@yahoo.com or millerls@msn.com)
        59 Bugeye (Being Painted, Building Wiring Harness)
        59 Bugeye "BUGIIIS" (948, 5-Speed,1-Wire Alternator, and still
        78 911 SC (Faster than a Bugeye but not as much fun)
        Home Page http://members.xoom.com/bugiiis


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