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Richmond British car days UPDATE First day

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Subject: Richmond British car days UPDATE First day
From: ric_bergstrom@juno.com (Richard L. Bergstrom)
Date: Sat, 19 Sep 1998 18:54:57 -0400
Reply-to: ric_bergstrom@juno.com (Richard L. Bergstrom)
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The first day of the Richmond British car day was a success!!

Spridget lister Pete Samaroo was in attendance along with several other

Pete held the distinction of being first to finish in "The Richmond
Monumental Rally" even though he started close to las  His goal was to
pass everyone in front of him which he did!   The Rally wound its way
through the city of Richmond passing historic MONUMENTS such as Generals
Lee, Jackson and Stuart.  Through the historic Hollywood Cemetary and
along the James River and Civil War sites.  

Cars involved range from a Caterham to DeLoreans as well as a a bunch 'o

Tommorrows weather is supposed to be same as today.  Big puffy clouds and
lot of sunshine.

Same day registration is available.  Come on down to "The Rivah" and
enjoy a great show.

Look for me in the back with the white midget with flares.  Pete is
driving a great looking Sprite in BRG with REAL Minilites (I am so

Ric Bergstrom

>Sunday - 09/20/98
>9:00am - Show Field Opens At Berkeley Plantation (Route 5, Charles City,
>9:30am - Bake Sale Opens
>12:30pm - Registration Closes
>2:00pm - Judging Closes
>3:30pm - Presentation of Awards
>Class awards are based on pre-registration
>Special Awards: Best Of Show, The Berkeley Award, Most Opportunity For
>Improvement, Oldest Car, Longest Distance Driven
>There will be a $5.00 charge per vehicle for spectator parking!

>Vehicles Late Registered
> (after 9/1/98)           ...   ______   ...@$20.00 each = ...

>Multi-colored Commemoritive T-Shirts
>S _____ MED ____ LG _____ XLG _____ XXLG ______ @13.00 each =

>Neither I nor my heirs will hold the Central Virginia MG Classics, LTD.,
>Berkeley Plantation, or the Hilton liable for any injury, death or
>damages occuring while engaging in/or traveling to or from this event.
>Signature: _________________________________________________________

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