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Sprite vs Minis - the Annual 'A' series challenge

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Subject: Sprite vs Minis - the Annual 'A' series challenge
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Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 09:54:07 -0700
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I thought this might be of some interest, especially with all the
FWD vs RWD talk on the MG list. It is a minor variation of an article
that was submitted to the AHSDC's club magazine (Goblins' Gazette)

Just so no-one takes offence, this article has a little tongue-in-cheek... I
like minis really, and I have owned and enjoyed FWD cars for much of my
driving life.

A-Series Challenge, Morwell, 13 September 98

Eight drivers in 6 spridgets represented the inline warriors against the
hoardes of tranverse invaders. Outnumbered we were, lined up against
21 of the little boxcar drivers. The conditions were treacherous early on,
the wind and rain causing havoc with both traction and (for those with
unfortunate positions in the running order) regularity.

Scoring was 1 point for first place, 2 for 2nd etc. Minimum points
aggregate dictates winners and winning team.

At the end of the first three runs, AHSDC had established a beachhead
with 22 interim points, but were out manoeuvred by  the VMCI who had
conceded a meagre 14 points! It was up to the speedy runners of the
Healey brigade to run down the front wheel drive battalion.

The startline conditions favoured the rear wheel drive cars, it was the
slipperiest starting conditions anyone can remember. The weather
cleared and the times tumbled as the day progressed. We had lots
of runs to try and establish a winning position. In the end, superiority
of design triumphed over superiority in numbers! A few outnumbered
Real Sports Cars defeated the endless onslaught of the numerous
pretenders by 47 points to 52 points. AHSDC won the event for 1998!

The AHSDC Team was comprised of

Driver                       Points     Overall Placing
Mike Gigante          7                      1
Peter Brice             9                       2=
Ranald Young       12                      4=
Owen Crombie     19                      8

The Summary  of results for the AHSDC are listed below.

Name Car Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Fastest (Runs 4-7) PTS

Mike Gigante Bugeye 46.74 48.83 49.33 39.99 7
Peter Brice Midget 45.21 50.22 46.86 39.27 9
Ranald Young Midget 48.12 53.50 51.63 39.82 12
Owen Crombie Midget 39.33 48.78 48.94 39.16 19
Anthony Young Sprite 47.18 53.00 52.89 46.19 36
Brendan Crombie Midget 46.96 57.45 53.64 43.00 38
Sue Gardner Sprite 43.89 73.39 71.29 41.58 40
Karen Postill Sprite 49.00 70.41 60.41 46.74 54

Jeff Smith Spritota 38.34 47.07 44.81 37.90 NA
Robin Browning RX-3 44.49 54.32 71.02 41.85 NA
Gary Jackson MGB 48.50 52.62 53.17 47.07 NA

Jeff's car (Spritota) is a MkII Sprite with a Toyota 4AGE DOHC/16V
engine and 5 speed box. It also has fibreglass rear, trick suspension
front and back. It is very quick!

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