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Re: Great Day , Part 2

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Subject: Re: Great Day , Part 2
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Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 00:28:39 EDT
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In a message dated 98-09-21 23:57:17 EDT, biffjones@erols.com writes:

<< All,
 Just got a call from my son, he and his wife are at the hospital
 and it's time.
 Got to enjoy my new LBC today and now I'm going to become a
 All in the same day! Wow.
 Gotta go and beat the grandchild,
 Biff, AN5, 'Kermit' & HAN6 'Ole Gray' >>

Congratulations Biff !!!   Also glad to hear about Kermit, and your car at the
Virginia show.  It would be neat if you can bring both of your Sprites to BCD
in Bowie next year.  When you guys were talking about overlooked original
cars, some of you have seen my Midget at British Car Day in Bowie, Maryland.
I've been to most of them, have been the only Mark 1 there,  in good shape,
and have never gotten as much as an honorable mention.  In fact one of the
rubber bumper guys thought I was in the wrong place because he thought my car
was a Sprite!  Most of the Midget owners at the show just sort of walk around
my car like it is not there. However, the spectators seem to look at mine more
than theirs?? Go figure.  See ya, Grandad!

Russ Mullaly
1962 Midget

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