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need to know before painting

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Subject: need to know before painting
From: GMari58175@aol.com
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 02:02:01 EDT
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In a message dated 98-09-24 21:09:37 EDT, dthompso@total.net writes:

 I do still need an idea from someone about how much and where the thick
 undercoat or stone chip proofing was sprayed.

The undercoating for the rear wheel well was applied on my car (origianl
unrestored) as follows:
painted on with brush, heavier on lower portion of well and goes up to as
diagramed below:          /  }        {  \
                   l  }         { l           { and }   indicate where coating
is applied
              -----l  }         {  l

hope this helps.  PS:  This is for rear well.  Front is different.

george marinos
sprite MKII AN6
glen rock, nj

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