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Re: Several things, I'm afraid

To: Ulix Goettsch <ulix@u.washington.edu>
Subject: Re: Several things, I'm afraid
From: Carl Elliott <grunt2@adelphia.net>
Date: Tue, 29 Sep 1998 18:36:09 -0400
Cc: Ron Soave <redlotus@spacey.net>, Danny Rendleman <dannyr@flint.umich.edu>, spridgets@Autox.Team.Net
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Reply-to: Carl Elliott <grunt2@adelphia.net>
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It comes with silcone, They work great and fit real good,Easy install.
Ive done 3, one on my midget, one on the B and one on my spitfire.
I got them from     Northwestern, good quality good price .
Carl E.

Ulix Goettsch wrote:

> > > 3. Is the dash overlay VB and others advertise difficult to install?
> > > What sort of glue does one use?
> >
> > I did one on my former spitfire.  The overlay came with glue.  I though it
> > looked pretty good til I saw my buddy's TR-6 bought and installed by a
> > local upholstery shop for $25 more than I paid.
> I installed mine on my old 74 Midget.  It looked great.  It does come with
> glue.  Make sure you cut off any pieces of dash that stick up off the
> surface with a razor blade.
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