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Re: loctite strikes--warning

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Subject: Re: loctite strikes--warning
From: shawn tobin <suhs2@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 1999 08:37:10 CDT
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The product I used is a thread restorer designed to be a cheap alternative 
to helicoils.  The bolt is used to form the threads in an epoxied hole where 
the threads are bunged.  Unfortunately the release agent didn't and the bolt 
got stuck.  Thankfully, a machinest friend of mine coached me to heat it 
till it smoked and burnt up the epoxy.  The bolt is free and I have real 
helicoils in my breather mounting holes (yipee).

Thanks for all the replys!

Shawn Tobin
'69 Midget 5spd daily driver (now, why did I take it apart again?)

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