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scooter wannabe's

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Subject: scooter wannabe's
From: "cfchrist" <cfchrist@earthlink.net>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 00:35:28 -0000
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it's ok steve .  and contrary to popular opinion harley's are stone knife
and bear skin kind of things.  sold my 1936 restored knucklehead a couple of
years ago and still kicking myself .  still have my 70 though and it is no
mechanical mystery to work on.  it shares my storage garage with my healey.
honestly think they argue while i am not there. and wish i had more time to
ride but vintage racing and a 3 year old son are little higher prioritys
right now(did uncover the bike and patted it on the spedo though).  taking
the healey hillclimbng this weekend.  harley will probably have something
expensive fall off for spite!(or should that have been sprite) he-he!

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