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I stand corrected ...

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Subject: I stand corrected ...
Date: Sun, 31 Dec 2000 19:21:17 -0500
I have touched my Sprite again after ( too ) many months of being otherwise
occupied.  After unwrapping the steering rack from its cardboard wrap, I
found a piece lying loose that would appear to be a shim.  It matches the
diagram in Haynes.  Should there have been one for each side?  ( the ends of
the wrap were open.  :(   )

Robert Duquette
Ottawa ON Canada
'65 RHD BRG Sprite
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Date: 08-Jun-2000 07:44:09
                Subject: Re: It's not a defect - it's a feature! (assembly

                My '65 had no shims on dis-assembly either.  Which really
means nothing in
                the grand scheme of things, does it?

                The exploded diagram in Haynes shows a piece called a
'seating' which looks
                like a shim.

                Robert D.
                ( My car looks like an exploded diagram! :( )

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                From: Philip S Jones <>
                >Question 2: The talented and popular Ulix came by the house
the other day
                >pick up a part.  As we were gazing in admiration and wonder
at my engine
                >compartment (correction - the engine compartment of my
car), he noted that
                >there were no shims under the steering rack - it's bolted
directly to the
                >front cross-member.  His ('66?) Sprite has shims there.  He
                >hearing, or thinking, or feeling that the shims were
important to the
                >alignment of the steering rack and column.  The steering
wheel spins freely
                >and feels normal whether the car has it's nose in the air
(as usual) or is
                >sitting on the ground (sans engine referenced above).  The
rack was
                >installed by the shop that did the bodywork and painting;
and their work
                >seems largely competent (and focused mainly on MG's).

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