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Coventry Climax engines was Re: New rotary engines

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Subject: Coventry Climax engines was Re: New rotary engines
Date: Mon, 1 Jan 2001 13:49:01 EST
Hi Rob,

To be worth swapping from a 1275cc (actually 1312cc) A-series I would want a 
tuned FWB (1500cc)which is one engine that appeared in racing Coopers.  For 
the cost and trouble involved I think it would be easier to purchase an alloy 
head for the A-series for the weight saving and live with similar power 
outputs.  If course the FWE would make a nifty alternative for a Frogeyes 948.


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robthomas@ukonline.co.uk writes:

<< One hundred quid.  They had the single cam pumps for #50.  Piles of them
 corroding away.  Seen lots of them since at Beaulieu for about #100, but no
 more FWE-type.  Looked to be mostly alloy, and hence should have been
 lightweight.  Bought some of the APUs from there to supply parts for my
 Morris 8 engined MG special.
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 > Rob,
 > Is there a 0 missing from your price!   There are were a number of
 > capacity Coventry Climax engines all of which were lightweight and highly
 > tuned and tunable.  They were in fact portable fire pump engines hence the
 > designed in lightness and performance.  Yes, early Elite was one car that
 > them fitted.  Yours truly isn't likely to have the funs to obtain one,
 > rebuild it and install it in a hurry but it would be great to be
 different -
 > assuming the engine weighed in lighter than an A-series and power was
 > (preferably capacity too)
 > Daniel
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 > rob@thomasr.greatxscape.net writes:
 > <<
 >  Steve Latham had a Climax FWE (?) Twin-cam engine still in the box.  Not
 >  sure how much he would need to part with it.  I offered #100 about 4
 >  ago and he was tempted.  Isn't this the one from the Brabham Spridget and
 >  the early Elite? >>

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