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Spridgets in Ireland

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Subject: Spridgets in Ireland
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 01:03:56 EST
I've seen several Spridgeteers from the Emerald Isle on the Lists, and would 
like to find your whereabouts. Would like to meet with some of you if 
possible. I will be traveling to southwest Ireland (Cork, Kerry, Tipperary, 
etc)  on February 14th. (can't stand any more of this 75 degree weather in 
Southern California after listening to everyone else talk about rain, snow & 
freezing rain!)

Actually, just needed yearly dose of Ireland and got a great deal going 
off-season. Doing a 1 week trip with wife and 2 teenage girls, so plan on 
spending many evenings in pub drinking Guinness. Will be happy to buy 1st 
round for any fellow Spridget lovers, and talk lbc. We will be driving so 
schedule and locations are somewhat flexible. Would like to hear from some of 


Jim Rogers
59 Bugeye (project-ready this summer?)
San Juan Capistrano, CA

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