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Re: car trouble (no LBC)

To: ryan marro <ryan_marro@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re: car trouble (no LBC)
Date: Sun, 07 Jan 2001 09:16:43 -0800
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HI Ryan,

    You've gotten more life than most on a Legacy clutch (and tranny too, for
that matter.)  Most problems like you described with the legacy and the early
engines were either related to the fuel pump or the O2 sensor.  My money would
be on the O2 sensor.  In an unrelated note, make sure you have replaced the
timing serpentine belt religiously at every 60K miles.  If you haven't done so
already, you're living way past borrowed time.  If that is the original belt I
would be very surprised, and you should hear it slap around due to looseness
with that many miles on it.

Good Luck

Former Test Car Driver,
Subaru of America, Advanced Vehicle Development

ryan marro wrote:

> List,
> I have an off topic question.  Forgive me, but with the Sprite
> tango-uniform, if this one goes out too, I'll be walking.  I have a '90
> Subaru Legacy with 174K miles on it (this car still has the original clutch
> in it--how's that for a good design?  If it wasn't Japanese, I'd stick it in
> the Sprite).  The RPMs (fuel injected) occasionally jump up and down while
> sitting at a traffic light, sometimes the car even cuts off.  This problem
> has just begun to show itself over the last month.  The car also tends to
> stutter when accellerating at low RPMs (1200-1700).  When you get above this
> range, the car is fine.  This causes a minor lurching and the occasional
> backfire.  About a year ago, I changed the air, oil, and fuel filters all at
> once.  I also installed a new PCV valve and new plugs and wires.  Of course,
> I've changed the oil since them, but nothing else is even close as far as
> mileage/time to change again.  Any ideas on what the problem could be?  Why
> is it isolated to this RPM range?  If the car is in neutral and revved, it
> doesn't exhibit the same problem.  Thanks,
> Ryan
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