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Bought the Austin

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Subject: Bought the Austin
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 06:34:24 -0800
Thankfully none of you folks had a bad word to say about the A35 that I've
already fallen for.  So I called the guy and closed the deal last night.  A
primer gray (soon to be lilac blue) Austin A35 will soon join the fleet.  I
paced off the garage floor and discovered that I can get the bugeye and the
Austin into the same side of the garage nose to tail.  Our tract house
two-car garage will hold three(!) LBC's for now.  An Austin Healey, an
Austin, and a Morris MInor, 59,58,59.  I think I may need professional help,
but please don't intervene until I finish the Austin.  When I start pacing
off the floor available ahead of the Morris I'll check myself into the Betty
Ford clinic for recovering lbcaholics.

PS,  has any lister seen, heard of, or know where to steal a front grille
for an Austin A35?  Will gladly pay whatever cost necessary to get and ship
one.  New Zealand? Australia? S.Africa? The Sunrise Blvd.Pick-and-Pull is
fresh out of A35s.

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