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Re: Radiator repair/mod

To: "Bill Hunt" <Billh@aaai.com>, <spridgets@autox.team.net>
Subject: Re: Radiator repair/mod
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 09:40:20 -0800

I don't know what you have available in your area, but here in SF, there is
a shop called Alouis Radiator. The radiator in my vintage racer was done in
that shop and I have purchased/repaired other radiators from them for other
cars. They quoted me about $150 for a 3 row core radiator for the Bugeye,
which I think is quite reasonable. This was a couple years ago, so it could
be slightly higher now, but if you don't find a good solution in your area,
I would definately recommend them.

The vintage racer has a stock 1275 in it and temps are always on the 170
degree mark. The time I drove it to Stockton and back, it never went about
190, even in above 90 temps, both in traffic and at 65MPH with the stock
gearbox. My opinion is it does make a difference to have a 2 row core if
everything else in in order.

On the subject of radiators, I have a brand new radiator for a Datsun 210
that is small enough to be used in a British car. I haven't checked the fit
in a Sprite, but I think I've heard of it being used in a Morris. I need to
raise some money, so if anyone is interested, contact me offlist.


The gage does push a bit above 212 DEG when
>idling in traffic in the summer. And that's with Water Wetter. I haven't
>got a cost on adding this extra row so that may influence my decision
>but I just wanted to get a feel from the list as to whether it's a good
>idea or not.

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