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RE: Cranks ID

To: "'Giro, Ralph'" <rgiro@ufl.edu>
Subject: RE: Cranks ID
Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2003 20:48:09 -0500
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        The EN40 Cranks have EN40 cast (not stamped) prominently on the
side of one of the throws. It will be cross drilled at the rod journals.
Non-EN40 cranks can also be cross drilled. A crank stamped 1312 is a
EN16or17. I'm not familiar with the other number. One way to test an
EN40 crank is to take a small round file and try to file a marking into
your two cranks. The 1312 will cut relatively easy. The EN40 will not. 


Tom Speed
Charlotte, NC 

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Subject: Cranks ID

Can you give me any info on these 1275 cranks?  They are from Spridgets
not Minis. Serial numbers on the cranks are: 
 How can you tell if a crank is an EN 40 ?

Any info would be appreciated.
Thanks !

Ralph Giro
Gainesville, FL
72 Midget Vintage Racer (Rusty)
67 Midget - Long Term Resto.

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