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Re: Old F@rt Stuff, NO LBC

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Subject: Re: Old F@rt Stuff, NO LBC
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 14:53:52 -0500
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i gotta p38 openerin my top drawer of my tool box.  heck i'm not a vetran
either.  i just saw about 50 of them on the counter at the hardware store in
quakertown pa.! (Q-mart).

that was my problem i guess?  no can too tough for old chuck to open?   lol!
*burp*    :)
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Subject: Re: Old F@rt Stuff, NO LBC

> I was surprised by how many people don't know what a church key is and how
> to use it.
> Another obscure one for veterans; the p-38 can opener.
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> Jay" I need a new body, but I'll settle for a liver" Shaffer
> on 1/17/03 11:28 AM, Nory at nory@buffnet.net wrote:
> >>> Pull tabs that snapped off soda cans
> >
> > Worse yet - I remember cans WITHOUT pull tabs!

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