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home again?

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Subject: home again?
Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 15:20:28 -0500
i just love the guys at the welding shop i use.   they do all sorts of
prototype work for a large industrial gas supply mfgr and mack trucks.
they are darn good!  and i'm lucky to have them willing to accept my
they dropped a job to do the new rear view mirror mount for my sports racer.
i already have dressed it and polished it on the buffer and assembled it
ready to bolt on the mount in the car.
hot diggity dog does it look sharp!  it looks like something that would have
been produced back in the early 60's and functional too!
it always pays to bring a case of beer or doughnuts depending upon the day
of the week or time of day for the shop's that do your complicated or
specialty work.  (beer works before a holiday or on friday and dougnuts are
good before noon. )
10.00 to assemble all the bits i had prefitted  with all the neatness of
aircraft work!  i could have polished the welds they were so darn nice but i
chose to smooth evrything out and blend all the components.  looks sharp!
now to get over to the trailer and put it back in the car!  :)
i use these guys to weld up late model 1275 intakes to get rid of all the
open ports on top for PCV and vaccume taps when i'm doing a race manifold.
it's lighter than steel plugs and when dressed off and glassbeaded it looks
like an unmolested casting!  :)

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