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Name That Cam!!!

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Subject: Name That Cam!!!
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 07:15:17 -0800
Cc: David Kernberger <dkern@napanet.net>, MorrisMinors@smartgroups.com
Dear Mini Listers,

Can Anyone on this list help Dave - please contact him directly at:

David Kernberger <dkern@napanet.net>


Rick Feibusch
Venice Beach, CA


Hello all,

        I wonder if anybody can help me arrive at a positive ID on a BMC
A-series camshaft I recently aquired.  It is a new factory item and was
represented to me as an original Cooper S cam, part number AEG 510.  On
checking all 3 editions of David Vizzard's books, I do not see any cams
with the following combination of identifyhing marks shown in any of his

        It is Pin Drive.

        It has 1/2" wide lobes.

        It has 2 raised rings between the front 2 cam lobes.

        It is stamped "2KC 510  A1  8" on the front face of the threaded
nose of
        the shaft.

        Thanks in advance for any info anybody might have.

 David Kernberger <dkern@napanet.net>

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