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Re: Craftsmen Screw outs

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Subject: Re: Craftsmen Screw outs
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 16:45:45 -0500 FILETIME=[F3693C10:01C2C3F1]
Make fun of them if you will Dave, but the work VERY well!!
As do the ones they have for rounded off nuts and bolt heads. They worked 
when every thing else failed to get out an overtorqued oilpan bolt. Couldn't 
get it off when I did the first oil change after buying our SHO. Apparently 
the dealer lacky put it on with a air wrench.


You mean you didn't try Bob Villa's Craftsman Screw Outs???????? He
>shows them on TV all the time, why you can just stick one in any drill
>and restore the Titanic with it.
>JHa2297255@netscape.net wrote:
> >Thanks for all the help with the door. Despite my efforts with an impact 
>screwdriver/propane/mapp heating and lots of liquid wrench it wouldnt 
>budge. Got it off with special british car restorers tool XX2 (snapped the 
>bolt heads off). Thanks again, Josh

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