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Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 17:15:59 -0500 reply-type=original
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I've seen your website before Jay and your pink Sprite *is* beautiful.  Just 
not the shade of pink I want.  :-)

I'm looking for a modern code for Deep Pink because I'm being lazy.  The car 
is going to be a race car and I'm not going to the trouble to do a proper 
resto.  All of the pink paint under the hood, inside the trunk area, etc. is 
going to remain as is.  I just want the outside of the car to sort of match 
the existing paint.  I hope your friend has a code.


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>I was kidding about the girly man thing. (See my webpage.)
> I've bcc'd a friend who some years ago painted his Mk II Deep Pink RD18,
> maybe he can be of some help to you. I can tell you that the color is
> dead-on the BMC Mk II paint chip. What am I saying, you've already seen
> the color on your car!!
> I love seeing the reactions to a pink car. Sometimes people tell me what
> a beautiful car I have EXCEPT for the color. :-)
> jay fishbein
> wallingford, ct
> http://home.ix.netcom.com/~type79/

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