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Re[2]: Bugeye Group..... Sprite Editorial Material Wanted

To: Frank Clarici <spritenut@exit109.com>
Subject: Re[2]: Bugeye Group..... Sprite Editorial Material Wanted
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 22:37:25 -0800
Cc: spridgets <spridgets@autox.team.net>
References: <011601c5fd8a$acc17180$6401a8c0@hewlett2ih5nie> <002001c5fd96$b4686770$c400a8c0@midget> <FDCED651-065E-4956-B01D-3E7629871856@mac.com> <002501c5fdd8$905d15f0$c400a8c0@midget> <439B9872.2000700@exit109.com>
Hello Frank,

       i was at the ABFM in Seattle, (bellevue actually,,, anyway).. i
       was up admiring the bentleys... one of them said oh, darn,
       everybody needs to get back in their cars to get their pictures
       taken again, as i had no film in the camera... everybody
       started moving around and i said hey, i'll gladly let you take
       a pic of me in my car, anytime... ... ... a rather nice lady
       said, oh, and which one is yours? .... i said, well actually
       mine isn't one of these benltely's but rather, i have the
       lowest form of british car, mines a down the hill, a SPRITE...
       oh, i said, unless you count those MORRIS people. .....
       .... she said oh yes, AND those land rover people, .. i don't
       even know why they let them in with us. they ought to be off in
       some mud hole with the jeeps!   LOLOL....
       yes, as tom paxon said... every body needs somebody that they
       can look down on, someone to be better than that's not as good
       as they.!...

       on a similar note, everybody knows that the bug-eyes are more
       desireable, (further up the chain) than the square bodys, the
       sprite square bodies ahead of the midget square bodies, and
       those ahead of the  rubber bumper midgets... .. .. one can
       argue all one wants as to the merits of each, but the MARKET
       speaks with the loudest voice.

Best regards,
 Bill                            mailto:pythias@pacifier.com
   "66 Sprite

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