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adjusting spax shocks

To: spridgets@autox.team.net
Subject: adjusting spax shocks
Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 22:50:15 -0500
My Midget has Spax shocks in the back.  I have never adjusted them, don't know 
what the range feels like, don't know where within the range they are set now, 
nada.  Does anyone have a methodical way of adjusting the shocks / testing the 
ride possibilities / etc.?  I don't want to just start monkeying with the 
adjustment screw without having a clue as to what happens when you reach the 
limit of it's motion, etc.

This is not to say that I am displeased in some way with the ride or handling 
of the car - it's all good - just want to know what is possible.


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