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Re: [Spridgets] Rear Axel Question

To: mark@nashvilletn.org
Subject: Re: [Spridgets] Rear Axel Question
From: dmeadow@juno.com
Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 15:03:14 -0500

7/16" studs is a common upgrade for a race car.  I've got 7/16" studs all
around on my racer.

Sounds like someone replaced the hubs with 3/8" studs after they were
done racing, which I can confirm is the stock setup.

I'm wondering what you've done in replacing the axles, though.  If the
prior ones were drilled for 7/16" studs and were used for racing, what
are the "new hard" axles you are replacing them with?  If someone raced
with the prior set, it seems they should already have been the later,
harder axles.  You can tell by looking at the splined end.  If there is a
groove cut, then they are the later axles.


On Sat, 12 Apr 2008 12:44:05 -0500 "Mark" <mark@nashvilletn.org> writes:
> I replaced my rear axels with new hard versions last night and I 
> found that 
> the old axels had bigger holes (7/16) for the wheel studs.  The 
> studs had 
> some rust on them that made the new axels a tight fit until I 
> cleaned them 
> up.  I wonder now if the old axels were drilled out for larger wheel 
> studs? 
> I have found other things on my car that lead me to think it was 
> raced at 
> one time or another before it was returned to the road.  The new 
> good axels 
> are installed and fit right with 3/8 studs.  I guess I need 
> confirmation 
> that original axels should have 3/8 stud holes.
> Thanks,
> Mark
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