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Sounds pretty much like the latest update on his website.
For those considering doctoring your existing supply of SM-rated oil,
the formula for GM EOS is 1/2 oz. per quart to raise Zn and P by 100
ppm. So if your favorite oil company claims on their product information
sheet that their potion is 900 ppm ZDDP, do the math and get out your
measuring spoons.

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Charles also said that he doesn't think it is a good idea to raise the
and P levels more than around 200 ppm or so with DIY additives as you
changing the chemistry of your oil when you do that.  He said it is much
better to just buy the correct oil in the first place that has been put
together by the people who actually know what they are doing.

He likes Brad Penn and Swepco 306.  (By the way, for you racers, he said
Swepco rated a little higher on the dyno than the Brad Penn.)  Amalie is
same stuff as Brad Penn.  You will probably need to mail order these
your local HiPo engine builders or hot rod shop carries them.  For
oils, he likes Brad Penn and Joe Gibbs.  They have very low detergent
levels, though, so change them after about 100 miles, 200 max.  The
HD 30 should be OK for break-in, too, and cheaper and easier to find.
have it at my local Wal-Mart.)

Charles also said that the motorcycle oils are also good.  They are
formulated for flat tappets and have good levels of Zn and P and don't
the calcium detergents.  Acceptable ones are Mobil One V-Twin, Royal
Max Cycle, and Amsoil Harley.  He said that Amsoil, despite their
methods, puts out a good oil.   The MC oils have a lower total base
(TBN) -- which is the amount of alkalinity available to deal with acids
your oil.  The Brad Penn has a very high TBN.

He said that virtually none of the oils carried in AutoZone or Puke
etc. is any good anymore.  Lots of these companies are re-formulating
oils on a regular basis and not saying so on their labels.  Anything
says "ashless anti-wear technology", or similar, is poison -- stay away.
The old stand bys like Pennzoil VR-1 and Castrol GTX are no good
The Pennzoil VR-1 that is not street legal , like most, but not all,
oils has good levels of Zn and P, but very little detergent.  That is
if you are racing and changing your oil after every weekend.  That won't
work on your normal street car.

As to oil changes, he said that cars with carbs and 4 to 5 quart oil
capacities should be changed at 2500 miles.  With FI, you can go to

He also gave us some insight into oil filters.  He likes WIX, NAPA Gold,
Mobil 1 and K&N Gold.  He said Fram absolutely sucks and that Purolator,
while filtering very well, restricts flow too much.   Mann, if you can
them, are also good.

Larry Daniels
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