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[Spridgets] The Paul A Fund

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Subject: [Spridgets] The Paul A Fund
From: "Hal Faulkner" <hal@katemuir.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:40:06 -0700
As many of you already know, Paul Asgeirsson of Morriservice --a long time
Spridgets List member, purveyor of parts for our cars, and the brains behind
one of the best 5-speed adapter kits for spridgets-- has had some serious
health problems recently.  Although he has health insurance the co-pays have
amounted to over $9000 as of about three weeks ago.  Pete Schull, Paul's
friend has set up an account to help defray some of Paul's unexpected
expenses.  The medical bills are only part of the problem as Paul has been
unable spend much time keeping his business going, thus reducing his income.
If any member would like to contribute to a friend in need, please feel free
to donate to the Paul A Fund through Peter Schull.  Instructions from Pete

"Checks are preferable and can be made out to:

The checks can be sent to me:

Peter Shull
1405 NE Village Street
Fairview OR 97024

Alternatively, they can be sent to:

Julie A Miler
US Bank, Cherry Park Branch
2541 SW Cherry Park Road
Troutdale OR 97060

Wire transfers / electronic fund transfers could be made, but might draw
some attention under the guidelines of the Patriot Act. If someone wishes to
make an EFT donation have them get in touch with me for the routing and
account numbers.

Cash donations could be made, but might also draw some attention under the
guidelines of the Patriot Act. Again, if someone wishes to make an cash
donation have them get in touch with me for the account number."

Originally, the existence of this fund was not posted to the list but now
that Peter has been able to provide a first transfer of funds to Paul there
is no sense not letting him know what is happening!  So if any of you know
anyone who might be interested in assisting a member of our community feel
free to spread the word.

Many of you were already aware of this situation and several donations have
already found their way to the fund, but we are in no danger of exceeding
the shortfall Paul is experiencing!

Thank you,
Hal Faulkner
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