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Re: [Spridgets] 1500 Midget tune up and interesting timing

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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] 1500 Midget tune up and interesting timing
From: "Chris King" <cbking@alum.rpi.edu>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2008 18:56:21 -0700
The 1500's had a couple of different timing specs, depending on model
year and emissions equipment. Many of the later ones had a vacuum retard
(not advance), and the timing spec was 2* ATDC with the vac hose
Doing it by what your TR3 book says, you really need an adjustable
timing light. I think full advance is in by 3000rpm (not sure). Anyway,
by this method you should set the timing for 32* total advance.
What year is your 1500, and do you have all (or any) of the smog
equipment still in place?

Chris King

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Subject: [Spridgets] 1500 Midget tune up and interesting timing

Hi Folks, 

Just yesterday I passed a lady cradling her infant in her arms. Nothing
wrong with that but she was driving a big SUV at the time. Which got me
thinking that I need to tune up this MG in case I need to get out of her
way in a hurry one day. This MG has got zero acceleration. Sure, you can
get up to 70 mph no problem, but it takes a while. 

I have got the ZS set up nicely, I believe. The spark plugs are a clean,
very light chocolate brown. The dashpot oil is always up to the mark.
Usually get about 23 mpg. So I think I will take a look at the ignition
side of things. I've got the Pertronix with the Lucas Sports coil, so I
think I'll experiment with the spark plug gap (upping it from 25 to 35
thou) but I have a feeling that is a waste of time. 

Meanwhile, has anybody got any thoughts on the ignition timing - I've
set it to the book with a timing light but I'm thinking it may need fine
tuning. Is it just a matter of experimenting or is there a better way.
For instance, let me quote from the Moss Motors TR3 catalog: 

"Setting the ignition timing after a tune-up is simply done by adjusting
the distributor for maximum R.P.M. and then retarding the timing to give
a drop of 100 R.P.M in engine speed." 

Great, eh! 

Anyways, my MG runs great. starts first time, etc, but when you put the
hoof down, nothing happens except a leisurely increase in speed. I mean,
at least my Toyota makes a big screaming noise when I do that. 

Cheers, Adrian  
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