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[Spridgets] Thanks to Practrical Classics for the donation

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Subject: [Spridgets] Thanks to Practrical Classics for the donation
From: "Robert Bruce Evans" <b-evans@earthlink.net>
Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 11:04:21 -0700
The good people at Practical Classics have arranged to have the third place 
prize check for $1,000 cut by the Turtle Wax Corporate Office in Westmont, 
Illinois. That way, there will be no exchange rate or commission issues to eat 
away at the money.   
As I have said so often, I am deeply indebted to those 23 great guys from every 
corner of America, from Florida to Connecticut to Oregon and points in-between, 
who came together for the BusterCluster. It is they, not me, who earned this 
After retaining 25% to pay tithe to my Anglican-Catholic Church, and to pay 
taxes to the Federal and California State Governments, I have quite happily 
sent a check for $750 to the Sprite Midget Club USA. This money is to help 
defray costs of the Golden Anniversary celebration of the Austin-Healey Sprite, 
"50 Years of Spridgets" at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, June 26-29, 2008.   
The check is now in the 50th celebration treasury!
While the BusterCluster may be on the card as a sponsor of the event, I think 
that credit is also due to Practical Classics, and its editor, Matt Wright, and 
to Turtle Wax for it is their contribution that will further the anniversary 
and the world's love of the Sprite and its off-spring, the MG Midget.   They 
should be on the card as the BusterCluster's contribution, too.
Once again, thank you one and all. 
Buster Evans 
(If any of you wish to extend appreciation to Practical Classics, Matt Wright's 
e-mail is mattwright@emap.com .)
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