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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 18:49:43 -0400
Jim Carson is a long-time member of the MG Vintage Racers group.  He has
been racing for at least 50 years.  When I lived on the fringes of
Philadelphia, Jim and I lived in the same town.  He was an early pioneer
in the "foreign car" scene that spread like a slow-growing tumor across
this country in the 1950's and started what used to be called
Carson-Petit Mercedes Benz (and other marques at various times) out on
the Philly "main line."  I almost bought a Peugeot 503 from him back in
the '80s. He has to be in his 90's by now but I think I saw him racing
at Watkins Glen not more than 2-3 years ago. He was an early member of
the Delaware Valley Chapter of the MG-T Register and racing partners
with Otto Linton, another old coot from the early days of post-war
amateur racing.

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I had the pleasure of working with one of the most
brilliant software people I've met this week, and when
he walked into my office he nearly screamed "Who's
Bugeye is that?" in reference to a large picture
hanging that Jeff Porasik gave me for Christmas last
year of our cars going through Turn 6 at Blackhawk
Farms. It turns out his wife's uncle has been racing
an MG-TC since 1948 (Peter asked how many times he's
beaten it). He's also had just about every post war
MG, along with Jags, Healeys, and a Siata (!!!!). The
gentleman finally hung up his racing suit a few years
ago, but his name is Jim Carson. Upon googling, I
found him associated with the PVGP and other VSCCA
events. His health is slipping a bit, and he has
started selling off some of his collection. If anyone
knows Jim and can tell me anything about his history
in racing, I would greatly appreciate. From the brief
stories his nephew in-law told me, sounds like quite a


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