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[Spridgets] audiovox cruise control

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Subject: [Spridgets] audiovox cruise control
From: "Glen Byrns" <grbyrns@ucdavis.edu>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 12:22:18 -0700
I had some trouble getting the new cruise control to hold speed above 50mph,
so I searched the web for answers.
If you have one of these and its working great, ignore this.  This refers only
to an Audiovox CCS100 cruise control in a Spridget.
Set the PPM for 8000, set it for ECM, high sensitivity and don't bother with
the magnet sensor or VSS wire.  Run it "tach only".
Without the magnet, its gets all it needs to know from the coil.  You can just
cut off the fat gray wire.

 Now, after ignoring all the settings in the manual and setting it as above,
it works perfectly.  One touch of the button and I'm at 70mph all day.  Push
in the clutch and it disengages, touch the brake and it shuts off.  Missouri
here I come!!

Sadly, I paid too much ($98). I found it for $10 less the week after I bought
it. (Like everything else you buy in life, eh?)

Glen Byrns
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