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Subject: Re: [Spridgets] cruise control
From: Paul Herder <p.herder@cox.net>
Date: Wed, 30 Apr 2008 18:04:58 -0500
We here in the great FLAT state of Kansas use our CC all the time! 

Hills?  We don't have any stinking hills!


Of course driving into a 40 mph head wind with gusts using the CC also 
kills the gas mileage...

: (


Kate wrote:

> I have to agree with this.  All my American vehicles are equipped with 
> cruise, but I seldom, if ever, use it.  The first reason is that I find 
> it easier to stay awake on long trips if I am actually driving the car, 
> but my fuel economy increases without the cruise.  The cruise control is 
> constantly adjusting the throttle which reduces economy any place other 
> than on long, flat, straight roads.  People often ask how my old 
> Cherokee manages to get nearly 30 MPG on trips, and I tell them that I 
> don't use the cruise control.  I sometimes forget to mention that the 
> emission control system has been disabled, but I'm sure that would have 
> nothing at all to do with fuel economy.
> Kate
> Billy Zoom wrote:
>> Cruise control lowers mileage considerably. It constantly changes the
>> throttle to maintain a constant speed.
>> Holding constant throttle improves mileage.
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