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[Spridgets] Midget 50th Autocross Preview

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Subject: [Spridgets] Midget 50th Autocross Preview
From: "72 Spridget" <72spridget@gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 11:10:20 -0500
Well, I took the Bugeye up to Road America Saturday for the Morgan Triumph
Austin Healey Autocross Challenge. No Triumphs showed up this year, but there
were a wide variety of Morgan roadsters present, including a 2005 V6, a number
of the Plus 8 and Plu 4 models. A red 1275 Bugeye showed up as well as a very
lively 100-6 and a 100-6 with small-block Chevy and TH400. Oh yes, there was a
beautiful 1990 Catterham 7 with Zetec engine for sale as well. Anyone wanna
loan me $22,500???

The course is lovely; set in the side of a hill so that you can observe the
whole thing (at least as much as we used) from the starting line. More of a
Solo I event than Solo II, bu tthere's nothing wrong with that! (Not that I
would object to a Solo II event there...)

Unsurprisingly enough, the Caterham took FTD with a time of 1:02.78. The V6
Morgan (on Yoko Advan 048s) snagged second with 1:05.27. My Bugeye, with the
smallest engine there, snagged third with 1:05.52. I guess that was the
fastest time on street tires. Fun event and a GREAT participation AND
spectator event for the Midget 50th!
David Lieb
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