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Subject: [Spridgets] Parts Needed
From: Kirk Hargreaves <khargreaves2@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2014 14:17:44 -0700
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I am trying to help my sister who lives on a ranch outside of Chico Ca. A
few years ago she fell in love with a Bugeye, stock in nice condition very
original with the 948 and smooth case.

A mechanic she used and trusted in her area, a guy who loved to work on our
cars has passed away.  So she is now a bit concerned about finding an
honest mechanic.

I told her that most mechanics are not oriented to our cars, but with the
right parts, and the simple nature of working on a Sprite, a good mechanic
would be able to take care of it for her.

So I am trying to find a rib case for her and an original throwout bearing.

I am running an original TB and it is holding up fine . . but the one I
bought via Moss a few years ago broke apart like hard cheese after about
500 miles.  I am going to check eBay before I send her my last original TB
that I have been keeping.

So two questions:

Does anyone have a source on a solid rib case and also, there is an adaptor
plate she will need to attach the rib case to a 948?

Thank you so much!



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