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Re: Wood Dash Boards

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Subject: Re: Wood Dash Boards
From: RKEMPINS@SSF4.jsc.nasa.gov (Kempinski, Robert M.)
Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 16:06:00 -0500
REPLY FROM: Kempinski, Robert M.
   >  A friend made a dashboard for his Tiger out of two sheets of plywood, 
   >  laminated together.  This was to take care of the stepped holes.  The 
   >  holes in the backside piece were cut larger to produce the required 
   >  steps when the two parts were joined.  He had both parts programmed on 
  >   a laser cutter at his work, so production was easy.  
   Laminating the two pieces together with the required accuracy would be 
tricky. One would need a laser cutter for that.

Rob Kempinski
Houston Texas

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