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RE: The General, 215's, the Corvair, and Sunbeams

To: "'tigers@autox.team.net'" <tigers@autox.team.net>,
Subject: RE: The General, 215's, the Corvair, and Sunbeams
From: "Richard Atherton (Entex)" <a-richat@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 03:26:11 -0700
        I can't even imagine how hot it would get under the hood of an Alpine
with Olds Jet-Fire turboed 215.  The Tiger has enough problems with
heat, turbo systems generate a huge amount of engine compartment heat.
It would simple COOK !
        As for the 5 speed, I don't need to go to Rover for that.  Any GM 5
speed will fit the 4-speed Bellhousing.  Camero's, Corvett's, Monza's,
any of them will fit.  I don't know though, I still like 4 speeds...


>From:  Rick Fedorchak[SMTP:richard.fedorchak@gsfc.nasa.gov]
>Sent:  Wednesday, June 26, 1996 4:42 AM
>To:    tigers@autox.team.net
>Subject:       The General, 215's, the Corvair, and Sunbeams
>        Took a look in an old "Motors" auto repair manual this morning.
>Whoever said that the Pontiac Tempest was offered with a 215 aluminum motor
>was correct.  It was offered in the Tempest in 1961and 62.  Considering
>other cars at the time, this would have been a unique and advanced offering.
>A "small" American car, with an all aluminum v-8 in front, and a
>transaxle/independent suspension in the rear. 
>           As with a lot of production cars, the execution  didn't exactly
>live up to the original design intent. On this combination, a few more $$
>spent on the rear to make it a TRUE independent setup versus a swing axle
>would have made vast improvements in handling. ( In fact, this was done
>between the first and second generation Corvairs, the second generation
>cars have superb handling. )
>        As much maligned as "The General" has been, they were truly
>attempting to bring advanced engineering to the automobile in the early
>60's.  The F-85's had the 215 alloy motor and offered turbocharging, the
>Tempest offered the alloy motor and the rear transaxle, and the Corvair
>offered a alloy, air cooled motor in the rear, and a turbocharged option.
>        To whoever posed the question about the Corvair  swing axle handling
>problems sending Nader on the warpath, this is essentially correct.  The
>cars made an easy target.  However, to set the record straight, it wasn't
>Nader that killed the Corvair, it was the Ford Mustang.  As soon as the
>General realized how well the Mustang was selling, the decision was made (
>in 1965 ) to pull the plug on the Corvair.  GM rushed to manufacture their
>version of the Mustang, hence the Camaro showed up in 1967. 
>        But hey, back to the subject that got us "off track".  A 215 in a
>Sunbeam.  Yeah, _I'd_ like to see that !!  In a lot of ways, it would make a
>nicer car than a Tiger.   Hey, if you could find the Olds version complete
>with turbocharger, that would make even more of a conversation piece. I
>assume with the Rover connection, that you could probably even find a
>5-speed trans to hang behind the engine.
>        I  noticed in the latest TE/AE newsletter that someone is offering a
>kit to install the Mustang II  /Capri 
>2800 ( 60 degree) v-6 motor in an Alpine.  Didn't this motor suffer from
>some oiling and/ or Head gasket sealing maladies ?  (  I do  know, however,
>that they are of a very short stroke design, and will rev up pretty high. )
>        I'm just wondering if a later model 60 degree v-6 might not be a
>better choice ??
>Rick Fedorchak

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