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Re: Tiger Diecast Aircleaner

To: rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM, tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: Re: Tiger Diecast Aircleaner
From: RKEMPINS@SSF4.jsc.nasa.gov (Kempinski, Robert M.)
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 09:16:35 -0500
REPLY FROM: Kempinski, Robert M.

Ramon said

>Here's some recent poop on the diecast Tiger aircleaner.  I got it from
>a very fine fellow who claims to be too "bashful" to advertise on the 'net.

>>   I estimate about $135.
>So, order soon and order often!  These things are simply outrageous when
>teamed up with the LAT valve covers.

 If you want to see what one looks like, Mark Olsen posted a picture of one 
to the Tiger home page. It's included in the photos I sent in on my 
restoration. The title is something like "Awesome Red Tiger". 

Rob Kempinski
Houston, Texas

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