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Re: cooling a hot cat

To: ritchie@mcn.org
Subject: Re: cooling a hot cat
From: gary_winblad@juno.com (Gary A Winblad)
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 21:21:59 -0700
On Tue, 1 Jul 1997 18:49:06 -0700 ritchie@mcn.org (Armand & Lorie
Ritchie) writes:
>I found a way to help cool our tigers.  Remove the original license 
>holder in front.  Make a new one out off 1/2 inch steel stock you can 
>at  the hardware store.  This lowers the plate out of the air stream 
>lets more air in the lower vent holes in the valance.  This little 
>made my car run 10 degrees cooler.  I think the orginal license plate
>bracket actually deflects air away from the lower vents. Regards 
>Armand & Lorie Ritchie

I used to run mine that way.. but I also bent it out a little at the
kinda a mini spoiler deal..  I didn't notice any more cooling though...


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