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Re: TUXXII and the Concour

To: PLRRESTO@aol.com
Subject: Re: TUXXII and the Concour
From: brockctella@juno.com (Brock C Tella)
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 1997 14:11:32 EDT
I would like to thank everyone involved and was very impressed with the
Tigers United in Eureka. I doubt we will ever experience so much history
of our cars again. I personally have no expectations of winning a trophy(
well maybe autocross, I will have the right tires next year) but I do
sympathize with and heard lots of people complain about concours rules
being changed at the last minute. This is serious to some and time and
money was spent. My thought on concours is that judges who really know
the cars judge stock class. Cars that are driven to the event should not
be penalized do to road dirt but judged on execution. Lets encourage the
driving of these cars. The modified and personalized cars to be judged by
third party judges who do not have to have any particular backround other
than Tiger lovers. This is all subjective anyway. Worst case have
Modified judge Personalized  and vice versa. Thanks

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