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Re: Speedo Problem

To: Larry Allbritton <larryall@pacbell.net>
Subject: Re: Speedo Problem
From: Allan Connell <alcon@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 11:42:19 +0000
At 07:51 PM 7/4/97 -0700, Larry Allbritton wrote:
>The speedometer in the Mk1 does not show the proper speed.  As a matter
>of fact sometimes it jumps up to 70 and stays there even when the
>car is not moving.
>I removed the speedo today and cleaned with qtips around the magnets
>in the disc.  I thought maybe there was not enough magnetism thru
>the crud but when I put my variable speed drill on it it still
>wont register.  I can turn the disc by hand and it seems smooth but
>it has some in and out play (approx 50 mils).  
>Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Do I need to take it to a 
>speedo shop or is there something that I need to do to make it 
>Thanks in advance
>Larry Allbritton


As my car is a close relative of your car, I had a chat with it prior to
leaving for the Bay Area this morninig.  Tigger suggested that your car
would appreciate it if you took the speedo to the speedo shop.  Should not
cost much.  I have an outfit in San Diego that rebuilds and re-calibrates
for between $65 and $90 depending on the condition of the speedo.  They
will ask you to count the turns on your speedo cable for accurracy so be
prepared do do some pushing with the speedo out of the car.  If you are in
the Bay Area, ask once again, as I recall there is a shop in San Jose or
somewhere on the penninsula that is supposed to be pretty good and

'specially with the "play" you have noted, probably a good idea to take it in.



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