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Subject: non United-related
From: Larry Wright <Larry.Wright@mail.wdn.com>
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 09:12:26 -0700
Jeff wrote:
> This seems like a Tony Curtis movie I once saw. "Johnny Dark": about 1955/6.

>Tony worked for an automobile company"Fielding Motors", cars looked a lot like 
>Willys Aeros to me.
>and he created a black sports car that was entered in a cross country race.A 
>relabeled Woodhill Wildfire.
>Against all odds he built the car, raced it and won. Against a character they 
>keep referring to as "Phill Hill"; my copy, off cable TV, 
has the end titles chopped off, so I don't know if Mr. Hill was in it or not, 
never get a clear look at his face.

>It was pretty stupid and hokey. I forgot the name of the movie but its 
>worth watching just for laughs.No Oscars awarded for this one, I'll grant you 

This came up on the List last year, sorry to re-post but the subject did come 
up again.

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