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RE: Shimmy Cause

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Subject: RE: Shimmy Cause
From: "Richard Atherton (Entex)" <a-richat@MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 05:38:02 -0700
        You definetly do NOT want the Solid Aluminum bushings, as these
transfer ALL of the shock loads and vibrations from the A-arm to the
fulcrum pin, it's mountings and the entire crossmember.  Even the
Polyurethane bushings increase these shock loads, but not to the extent
of Solid Metal.  I made some Delrin (Registered trade mark of
someone...DuPont I believe) for my Alpine, which seemed to work pretty
well, for the three months I had them in there.  Delrin is a bit softer
than the typical Polyurethane ones are.  The Basic old Rubber ones are
probably still the best thing for these cars unless racing, auto-X every
weekend type car.


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>     Tiger People
>         The shimmy in the front of my Tiger II 351C under braking was
>  caused by the headers!  Yes, that is what I said, the headers.
> While
>  you think about that I will tell you about the disks.  I used a dial
> indicator on both of them and they each had .0005 warp maximum.
> One wheel had .001 warp and the other had one place that was
> .027 warp.   The hubs had a maximum of .005 warp on the face. 
>  But none of this warping was the cause of the shimmy.   If you
> recall from my first letter, I replaced the upper A arm bushings.  I
> found that the rear bushing had failed while the front bushing was
> fairly good.  One of the header tubes pass within 3/4" of the end of
> the
> upper rear end of the A arm shaft.  The heat from the header appears
> to be the cause of the failure of the bushing.  Guess what? The same
> tube also passes within an inch of the lower A arm rear bushing. 
> Tonight I checked the lower bushings and sure enough the rear bushing
> was badly worn on the side that has the nearby header tube.  The 
> other side rear has 2" from the header tube, but it was obvious that
> the
> bushing was worse than the front bushings, again due to the heat from
> the headers.  As I have no lower bushings at the moment, I temporally
> added a rubber washer salavaged from the old upper front bushings
> between the steel washer and the bad bushings.  On a test drive the 
> shimmy  was gone !  
>         Now my question is, is there a heat resistant bushing
> available?
> Is there any cross over from other car's bushings to the Tiger/Alpine
>  lower bushing?  Does anyone know a source for regular Tiger Bushings.
> Finally, has anyone had experience with solid aluminum bushings?
>         One of my near term tasks is to aquire some of that header
>  insulation tape and wrap my headers.
>         Thank everyone who responded to my Shimmy question.
> Jim Barrett Tiger II 351C and others.

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