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RE: Automotive cooling

Subject: RE: Automotive cooling
From: Jim Parent <jimparent@compuserve.com>
Date: Fri, 1 Aug 1997 12:50:42 -0400

I am an engineer and it pains me to read your comment about the current
thread; to wit:

"I'm not an engineer either but I'm obviously a dummy for starting all th=
and will think twice before doing it again."

I have trouble seeing how the system would work but that doesn't mean a) =
won't work, b) it won't lead to other solutions or imporvments, or c) it
won't contribute in either a general or specific way to our knowledge of
what going on under the bonnet.

How long has it been, do you think, since many of us have thought through=

how our cooling system does its thing?

Don't hesitate to put forth ideas simply because they are unpopular or
obscure.  Let's test and let the data speak for itself.

Even if I don't see how such a scheme is possible it interests me because=
might be wrong, or, God forbid, I might learn something.  I don't have a
clue as to the specifics of my voltage regulator (never been interested i=
figuring it out), how to install dual circuit brakes in my car, or which
power valve to use wtih my modified cam.

When the need arises some stimuli will make me think it through and form
som idea that may be wrong or right.  What's fun is then verifying my

Same here.  This is good discussion.  We are discussing the concept not
your bringing it up.  the messenger should not be shot.


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