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Some good news (not Tiger related)

To: Rick & Amy at home <amyf@pop.erols.com>,
Subject: Some good news (not Tiger related)
From: Larry Wright <Larry.Wright@mail.wdn.com>
Date: Thu, 14 Aug 1997 17:32:43 -0700
Thank you all for your e-mails of encouragement concerning Susan. Amazingly, 
after 4 days in the 
hospital, she is resting here at home; the doctors have rarely seen anyone with 
her recuperative 
abilities. We have a long road ahead, but now have every expectation for a full 

She'll probably be at 100% before the Garage Queen; the seats are stuck out at 
Martha Wheat's, and 
the new Yokohama's are somewhere in Nevada, all waiting for the end of the PS 

yoo-PS _did_ deliver that Tiger "Powered by Ford" wristwatch, it's kinda cute.

Larry Wright "I can't get no--Satis-traction"

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