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RE: electronic ignitions

To: tigers@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: electronic ignitions
From: "Fraser,Ron" <Ron_Fraser@xn.xerox.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 15:31:07 PDT
        Yes I'm still using the original Tiger Tach.

        I put the Jacobs electronic system in first, this required the Jacobs 
 Tach adaptor, which in turn required my original Tach to be adjusted.  
   Tiger Tom looked at the Jacobs Tach adaptor and built a better one 
 that should work with any  electronic ignition system.
        The IGNITOR by it's self only connects to the coil and should not 
 change the signal to the Tach.   I'm only guessing here, I have not 
 tried the IGNITOR without the Jacobs unit.    The Tiger owner who 
 informed me about the IGNITOR never mentioned having any problems with 
 his Tach.

Hope this helps.
Ron Fraser

From: Metcalfe, Steven M MED
To: 'Ron_Fraser@xn.xerox.com'
Subject: RE: electronic ignitions
Date: Wednesday, August 20, 1997 2:11PM


Do you have the stock tach?  Is it compatible?


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> Subject:      electronic ignitions
> Joe 
>        I installed the IGNITOR from Pertronics several years ago, it
> works great.
> No points, no condenser,  one gap to set then forget about it.   
>  Install time was about 30 min.  Just remove the points and condenser 
>  and wire the the coil, install the pick up on the plate and run the 
>  wires through the distributor, put the magnet assembly over the 
>  distributor cam , and install the rotor, set the gap to .010"  to 
>  .070",  connect the wires to the coil, your DONE.    The only 
>  difference from stock look is the red  and black wire coming out of 
>  the distributor.
>       I know some other people who are also very pleased with the
>  as a stand along ignition add on.       I have a Jacobs electronic 
>  igntion system with the IGNITOR.
> Check out the web site for Northern Auto Parts Warehouse to see the
>       www.naparts.com   under ignition and electronics         Ford V8
>  part  #1281
> I have seen the IGNITOR listed for Dual point , but it is not listed 
>  here, I think the number is 1281A.   You will have to ask.    They 
>  also have the lowest price listed of any vendor I know about.
> Ron Fraser   B382000009

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