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Improving health from bike accident

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Subject: Improving health from bike accident
From: Larry Wright <Larry.Wright@mail.wdn.com>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 1997 20:24:37 -0700
Hi everybody!  Thanks for all of your inquiries about my recent bicycling 
accident.  I am home now 
recuperating and each day I feel slightly improved.

Today, just to be of some assistance to Larry, I picked up a custom-built 
speedometer cable for our 
Garage Queen (maybe this will be slightly safer than the bike!).  This really 
made his day.

It seems that I'll be home for a few weeks recuperating -- I guess I should 
really take advantage of 
this opportunity to lounge around.

Thanks again for the get-well wishes.  I hope to be out and around in our Tiger 
someday soon!

Susan Wright

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