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Re[2]: Brake Rotors

To: rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM, tigers@Autox.Team.Net,
Subject: Re[2]: Brake Rotors
From: nicholsj@oakwood.org
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 97 11:15:05 EST
     I heard Dale's British company sells ventilated  rotors.

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Subject: Re: Brake Rotors
Author:  "Spontelli, Ramon" <rs11@ElSegundoCA.NCR.COM> at INTERNET
Date:    8/26/97 9:56 AM

>       Was this a standard solid rotor or one of the ventilated rotors?
Standard/stock OEM-type rotor.  And a relatively new one at that, 
installed maybe one and a half to two years ago.
Who offers ventilated rotors for the Tiger?  I'm sort of "in the market" 
right now!

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