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Air Resirculation

To: "'tigers'" <tigers@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Air Resirculation
From: "Bennett, Cullen" <p21988@gegpo8.geg.mot.com>
Date: Mon, 01 Dec 97 09:48:00 MST
 >Has anyone thought of fabricating a lip to add to the shroud, that
 >would extend inward toward the radiator, to block the air being flung
 >off the blade tips, and prevent it from recirculating?  - Stu
I think the problem with re-circulation is due to the stock Tiger not having 
a lower half on the shroud. The recirculation is around the bottom of the 
radiator back into the front. Unless a complete "pocket" can be formed 
behind the radiator, there is no way to produce a low pressure area behind 
the radiator to draw air through the core. The purpose of the fan is to 
create this low pressure area by sucking air out of the pocket.

Cullen in Tempe

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