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Re: Tiger Hunting Finis...

To: CobMeister <CobMeister@aol.com>
Subject: Re: Tiger Hunting Finis...
From: Allan Connell <alcon@earthlink.net>
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 18:16:13 -0800

Really glad that you found what you were looking for.  Wish I could'a gone
to that time an trouble over my driver.  Welcome to some of the happiest
times you will have motoring!  The "Thumbs Up" and "Ok's" from  those wise
enough to know what the car is, and that keen level of satisfaction when
the kids with baaseball caps on backwards driving the squished-down
rice-burners pull up along side of you and ask: "Hey man, Whots THHAAT!".
And then, you show them! all the while watching their pained expression in
your rear view mirror getting smaller and smaller and smaller...........

Welcome aboard and Happy Tigger'in!!


B9472373  (hey, cuz!)

At 01:32 PM 12/17/97 EST, you wrote:
>Hey Mark,
>In a message dated 12/17/97 5:25:04 AM, you wrote:
><<Interesting story.  Thanks from all of us in sharing it.  Let the group
>if the car turns out to be what you expected it to be.
>I found it interesting that it had a new wiring harness.  Has the car been
>restored?  I guess I would have thought that only someone doing a total
>restoration would install a new harness.  Otherwise, the tendency might be to
>just replace a section that was causing a problem.  Just my idea.  Again,
>thanks for sharing the experience.  
>  Mark L.>>
>Mark, I confess that I, too, am of the "just replace a section" school of
>wiring repairs!  But, no, this time the PO did what should oughta be done and
>replaced it entirely to the tune of tons o' bucks.  Did the shop that
>did the work do what they were supposed to do and do it well?  Time will
>By-the-bye, in general I ain't a big supporter of replacement wiring
>harnesses.  True, they look a whole lot nicer but they can really make fault
>diagnosis a whole lot harder.  No, what I like is the fact that in this case
>the PO stepped up and did a full replacement whereas you or I would have
>simply whacked out 10 or 15 feet of the old wires and stuck in some Pep Boys
>green number 12 to repair it.  The new harness actually follows the traces
>given in the book, at least as far as I could tell while running a couple of
>different circuits.
>Is the car restored?  Not by any reasonable standards, it ain't.  Restored
>means "taken completely apart and had everything renewed, rebuilt, or
>replaced."  This car is "just" a well cared for driver which is exactly
what I
>wanted.  This car actually has maintenance receipts!
>Can't wait 'til the little dear gets here.
>The way I had to buy the Tiger--first learning what I could, then researching
>the marketplace (and wading through a lot of bull), then finding apparently
>suitable cars, then inspecting and driving several in several days--was far
>different from the way I have bought old beaters in the past and was an
>interesting process because of that.
>I should point out that because of the expense of going to see and drive
>cars I very nearly bought two different cars sight unseen to have them
>in here.  Fortunately, both deals broke down over documentation, provence,
>security issues.  I now know for an absolute incontrovertible FACT that
>purchase would have been a terrible mistake.  NEITHER of those cars were
>anything close to what I wanted and neither of them were anything close to
>being "as represented" by the sellers.  Oh, I would eventually have gotten
>either of them sorted out but I sure would have been unhappy for a while.
>As always, the moral of the story is, "caveat yer emptors, boys...."
>--Colin Cobb, Countin' the Days 'Til Christmas Outside Las Cruces, NM, USA
>'65 MkI & '66 Plus 4

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