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Getrag and Supra 5-speed conversion (LONG ONE)

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Subject: Getrag and Supra 5-speed conversion (LONG ONE)
From: derekw@zamnet.zm
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2000 14:44:34 +0200 (ZMT)
Hi all,

I am probably going to get a Getrag 265 5-speed from South Africa for my
tiger since the Supra boxes are much harder to find in these parts. The 265
(with the dog-leg 1st gear) was fitted to many "Motorsport" BMWs, some V12
Jaguars, and some more exotic machines (Lotus, Maserati etc.) It has been
successfully raced in Tigers in South Africa and in Jaguars in the US and
UK. Found this..."One Getrag 265 we have been racing in the LLoyd E type for
4 years no change and constantly a winner... 

You can get the Getrags in the US from Metric Mechanic (www.metricmechanic)
for about $2,000 or try www.car-part or your local car recycler. I found a
few of them at www.car-part for $300-700-- they were fitted to a lot of the
bigger BMW 5, 6 and 7 series cars and Jag XJ6/XJS in the early to mid
eighties. There were a few different ratios, if you are interested, I have
them somewhere. I am going to see if I can use a BMW or Tiger II bellhousing.

Here is the info I've collected on the Supra 5-speed conversion. It sounds
like a very good option with the transmission available in the US for very
low prices and the bellhousings from Australia (they ship regularly to the
US.) The W-series Toyota boxes are good for up to 350hp and are smooth
shifting. You will need the W55 to W59 from the non-turbo Supras (1982-98.)

Bellhousings and complete kits are made by:

     Dellow Automotive Pty LTD (also does kits for T5, Tremec etc.)
     37 Daisy Street 
     Devesby, NSW 2212 
     PO Box 43 Revesby North 2212 
     (02) 7744419 fax: (02) 7744783 
      Jeff Dellow

A complete kit (excl. gearbox) is AUS$725 (about US$448.) Shiping is US$121
air or $53 sea.

     Conversion Components
     Colin Dray at conversioncomp@xtra.co.nz

Their complete kit  is US$755 (excl. gearbox) and US1196 (with gearbox) both
including airfreight to USA. They will do a Getrag 265 gearbox to
small-block Ford kit for US$830 (incl. airfreight.)
The kits include bell housing, clutch, pressure plate, rear cross
member, speedometer cable, push rod, yoke, clutch fork, and maybe the slave
cylinder. They will sell the kit only, allowing you to locally source a
transmission. Looks like the only welding is to the prop shaft. They will
ship worldwide. 
 There are 4 gearing variations available for the Supra boxes: 

             W55     W57     W58     W59
     1st     3.57    3.28    3.28    3.95    
     2nd     2.06    1.89    1.89    2.14
     3rd     1.38    1.27    1.27    1.27
     4th     1       1       1       1       
     5th     .85     .86     .78     .85

     Dellow offers four possible stick positions: 18", 19", 20 1/2" and 21",
as measured from the front of the box. Their bellhousings are 6.5" long.
Dellow also supply a "Qik-Shifter" which reduces shifter throw by 50%. The
gearbox is 20" long and their bellhousing is 6.5" long.

The W58 and W59 gearboxes are common in the US. The part numbers will be
400-58XXX for the W58 and 400-59XXX for the W59. I found hundreds on
www.car-part.com ranging from $35 up to $1000 with most being $200-300.
These are the addresses of those who have these transmissions listed on

jbap@capital.net  NY
sales@gundies.com  WA
tony@cunningham-brothers.com  VA
parts@generalautorecycling.com  RI
rstevo@aol.com  OH
reitmanautoparts@aol.com  KY
FITZUAP@aol.com  VA
parts@hywayauto.com  IL
apos@shelby.net  NC
parts@lecavalier.com  Can- Qc
centralcityauto@aol.com  OH
rct@eautoinc.com  FL
parts@nordstomsauto.com  SD
parts@charliesautoparts.com  TX
fstebbins@stebbinsauto.com  KY
parts@standard.actual-america.com  Can-On
info@aw.recar.gateway.net  CA
ritewayap@aol.com  AZ
hilltopas@aol.com  NY
sales@crabtreeauto.com  UT
parts@bargermattson.com  ID
sales@areliableautoparts.com  IL
parts@foreignautosalvage.com  KY
parts@smig.net  MN
jhon001@aol.com   IA
jjforeign@efortress.com  AR
chip911@aol.com  TN
parts@wayneautosalvage.com  NC
parts@waltonimports.com  KY
parts@aaaparts.com  MN
foreignaut@aol.com  PA
edward@westwoodauto.com  OH
arcaustin@aol.com  TX
lowellused@aol.com  MA
info@hiwayautosalvage.com MA
snydersalv@aol.com TX
recar@pacbell.net  CA
sales@arizonaautoparts.com  AZ
info@cherry-auto.com  OH
sales@ace-autoparts.com  MN
polos@etgs.com  TX
parts@budgetautoparts.com  TX
borgesauto@aol.com  MA
parts@besslerauto.com  KY
sales@donsauto.com  NY
parts@aaasmallcarworld.com  TX
parts@firstchoiceauto.com  TX
lamyers@tiac.com  MA
abionic@aol.com  IL
sales@tricityautosalvage.com  NC
dennis@olstons.com NE
blxauto@ametro.net  MS
sales@elginsuper.com  IL
parts@autorecyclersftw.com  TX
alimport@aol.com  TX
hondatoy@accesssweb.com  Can- Ab
parts@1800usedautoparts.com  CO
laceyuap@aol.com NJ
sales@arizonaautoparts.com  AZ
hank@sgi.net PA

If anyone does the Getrag or Supra conversion, please let me know how it
goes. Thanks, derek

Derek White
Managing Director
Zikomo Brewing Company
Box 31730, Lusaka, Zambia
Tel:260 1 286580/85
Cell: 260 1 702694
Fax: 260 1 286585/262810

Life is Short, Drink Real Beer!

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