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Hot oil pressure

To: kbradley@ftsinc.com
Subject: Hot oil pressure
From: "Doug & Rett Leithauser" <dleit@mintcity.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 4:22:08 PM+0800
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Does your car crank over well after it gets hot & refuses to run? It may be
starting to seize, but that won't keep up for long before some real damage
is done. If the engine cranks over well but will not start, I'd suspect a
fuel or spark problem that may be coincidental to the low oil pressure
problem. Vapor lock is a likely candidate, even here in too damn cold
Michigan I have hot soak running problems. Is the guage a mechanical or
electric unit? If electric you may have a voltage problem that starves both
the guage & the ignition for power. I used to loose a lot of oil pressure in
my car when hot, but the addition of a Melling high volume pump & new main &
rod bearings has gotten me about 75psi under darn near all conditions, with
my old, very worn pump the pressure would drop to about 10 psi on a hot
idle. If you were picking up sludge from the bottom of the pan, it would
loose pressure over time, not temperature, so I do not think that is your
problem. Fortunately, one of the few easy to remove parts on a Tiger is the
oil pan, so it won't be too difficult to put a new pump in if needed
Happy Motoring
Doug Leithauser


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