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RE: Flukin' & Temperature

To: "'Richard F Flynn'" <rflynn@dircon.co.uk>, tigers@autox.team.net
Subject: RE: Flukin' & Temperature
From: Theo Smit <TSMIT@isotel.com>
Date: Mon, 20 Mar 2000 08:18:50 -0700
The Fluke thermocouple probe is likely only good to about 0.1 degree C so
you may have to look somewhere else :) . If you want to know the coolant
temperature, you will have to probe the coolant directly. There will be
temperature loss through the sender body, the intake manifold, etc. that
prevent getting a good reading of the coolant temperature from the outside.


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> From: Richard F Flynn [SMTP:rflynn@dircon.co.uk]
> Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2000 11:14 AM
> To:   tigers@autox.team.net
> Subject:      Flukin' & Temperature
> Can anyone comment on how accurate a Fluke temperature reading would be
> using
> that thermocouple bead probe (80PK-1) that comes in the same box as the
> Fluke 78
> automotive meter?  (I know the Fluke is nice piece of equipment, its me
> I'm
> worried about.)  Basically, I was playing with my new toy (Fluke 78) and
> got
> stable readings using that probe against the radiator waterpump inlet
> pipe, the
> manifold by the sensor, etc.  The readings definitely stablised (at about
> 110F-120F above ambient shortly after opening the hood/bonnet just after a
> few
> laps around the block if you must know) and were repeatable, but since
> I've
> never tried this nor seen anyone take readings, let alone with that wire
> probe,
> I'm not sure how close I am to truth.
> In anycase, I would appreciate any comment the list can make.  I was
> seeing
> stable temps of 180F at the radiator inlet pipes with an ambient
> temperature
> around the car & at the grill of 65F'ish.  Readings near the sensor on the
> manifold were about 160, but that area was pretty gunked up, so I'm not
> too
> confident about those.  For the record, my gem of a temperature guage was
> showing 210F'ish (just off of the 100C mark, so I'm guessing 210F'ish).
> Reading
> the stadard +30F off true?
> Thanks in advance,
> rick

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